It’s funny, I just spent five minutes trying to discover a one-word title appropriate for what I wish to write about. There were several good ones, but I just didn’t know how well they truly fit.


Individualist was probably the most accurate but I wanted something more cheerful.

Footloose and fancy-free, it’s how I want to define myself, at least at this moment and partially for this post. I’ve been learning to be alone. It’s an oddly rewarding feeling. It changes you in ways you don’t expect.

  • I’m no longer governed by someone else’s feelings. I’m not insinuating that it is bad to let others influence you, but it’s nice to be able to do what I want, whenever I want. I dated a great guy for a few years, but I always felt that I let his plans reign our relationship.
  • Although embracing being single I still consider myself in the dating game. Whether while making profiles or grabbing a drink, meeting people makes you look at yourself much more. I want to be able to talk confidently and happily about where I am in life. On a similar page, it helps you figure out what you really want in a relationship. I’m not looking to be with just anyone. I have far more standards then I did when I just wanted to stop being lonely.
  • Being on my own has made me realize how much I need to depend on myself. I’ve always been good with money, but now I’m trying to be better-maybe I’ll be buying a house on my own one day.

The perspective I’ve reached during this lengthy time to myself has changed me. The post didn’t have the points I particularly wanted to have here but it did have things I wanted to address.


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