Life Step


About a month ago, I initiated plans to move out. Lauren, Mike, Kellie and Dan live in Quincy. A desirable fifteen minutes from my work. In June their lease comes up and Dan is moving out to live with his girlfriend. On a ski trip to Killington, VT in February I mentioned to some friends that I might be interested in the room and Lauren and Kellie soon asked me to move in. Flattered that they also wanted me I was happy. Mike texted me the details a few days later and the plans were officially set in motion. Weekends have passed defining me as the soon-to-be roommate. It’s exciting and intimidating.

Moving out means a few things for me:

  • Not saving so much money. Rent, utilities, etc estimating $875/month.
  • More unnecessary spending. The roommates go out and spend more than I normally do.
  • Time saved. Not driving as far to work.
  • More bonding. Relationships grow much more when you share a roof with people.
  • Mike. The already unsure relations between us.
  • Sharing space with others. Since I’ll finally be paying for space maybe I’ll live a little more outside of my room. Actually put some kitchen stuff in the kitchen.
  • Officially moving out of my mother’s house and taking all of my stuff with me. I’m not really sure there is a moving back after I move out.

June is fast approaching.


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