Mike (Cont. 2) But more-so This Weekend’s Killington Trip


[In a previous post I lightly mentioned that] I have plans to move in with Mike and a couple of friends in June. June is two months from now. This weekend I joined a handful of friends back up to Killington, VT for a second ski trip. This time around there was only six of us total. The week of the trip I asked Mike about carpooling since hours in the car together might actually be really good for us. And it was. He talked a lot. He barely played the radio. Between the car ride up and back most of the conversation revolved around moving in and daily routines – or in my case lack there of any routines. Through the two rides I realized how particular Mike could be. He was meticulous about his Subaru, and as we would discuss, the two cars before his Subaru. On the initial ride, with just socks on I resisted my habit to put my feet on the dash, and was quickly informed that he wouldn’t like it in his car [3 months new to him]. The ride up set a nice tone for me, I was excited to spend some time together [with everyone]. I had anticipated in the very least cuddling with Mike this weekend, however, having separate beds in our room assisted in preventing even that. We also had Brett in our room, and his aggressive snoring. The weekend was tame. Everyone arrived around 11pm on Friday night. Mike and I arrived half an hour before the other two cars – Ally and Derek, and Wes and Brett. We brought our belongings into the unlocked foyer while we waited. Mike actually suggested setting up the cot and playing cards – I loved the suggestion. We started to assemble the cot but it was a bit tricky in the tight space. With no grace, I side-jumped over the cot to assist Mike and managed to land my right foot on top of his beer, crushing it. It gushed on the floor, the cot, and both our clothes. This put a damper on things. Not only was I embarrassed at the mess I made [and destroying his beer], I had killed the plans to play cards. Worst of all, I felt that Mike liked me less for it. An unhappy feeling. Writing this down however, helps remind me that I want someone who doesn’t hold each little thing against me, someone that is upbeat and positive and not easily upset or judgmental, accidents happen, people make mistakes. I don’t know how Mike truly reacted to the situation, but I’m not making it a huge concern anyway. The following morning we were all up early to ski. Four boarders and two skiers. The six of us managed to stick together the whole day. Riding was more low key than I had hoped but still good. That night we planned to go out for dinner. We piled into Wes’ two door car. I semi-sat on Mike in the middle back seat. Only comfortable in the regard that I enjoyed leaning against him and his arms cupping around me. Thankfully it was a short seven minutes to get to Sushi Yoshi. We were eventually seated at an enclosed table room. It was almost all bench. You stepped up and could then bring your legs into the only floor space under the table. After dinner we went back to the condo to hangout. Wes and Brett bailed on their original plans to go out after and instead stuck with us. At the condo, we ended up playing dominoes. It was the first time I actually played and it was awesome. All of us were captivated. The only reason we stopped was that 1am  crept up on us. Again, another night of no cuddles. Oddly enough that made me feel closer to Mike. Since the plans for me to move in happened, I feel he acts a bit different with me. Like becoming a roommate [and eventually being a roommate] is creating a sort of bond. That’s the best way I can manage to describe it. Sunday morning we had breakfast before parting with Ally and Derek. Wes and Brett had left early, though they had to double back, mistakenly taking the ski locker key with them. So began my second long car ride with Mike. On this second ride I asked what I owed him for gas and he shrugged it off. The fact that he didn’t want anything from me was worth much more than the money I would have gave him. Little music was played, but when it was first played on the trip home a country song came on and I put the song down in my notes to remember it – Greatest Love Story. I felt good vibes with this song, I felt at home in Mike’s car [with him]. The time passed too quickly. And the weekend was over too fast. But it was a really good time.


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