Most Nights (Kev 2)

03/26/2017 This is very roughly written. But better to post then to not.

I’ve been spending a lot of nights at Kevin’s. This week I spent four nights over his place. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We’re casual but we’re also something more. The relationship we have is comfortable, intimate and not demanding. Before this week I only thought about him when we would get together. We would enjoy our time together and then we would each go back to our individual lives carefree. We are still very carefree but lately  I want to spend more time with him. I anticipate spending nights over. I hope to spend nights over. I still don’t think of us as very serious but I’m not taking us for granted. I’m completely comfortable when I’m with Kevin. I say stupid random things. I’m jokingly mean. He looks at me funny when I’m head bobbing to music in his truck and I continue to head bob. He let’s me put country on the radio in his car and then tells me how his buddy made fun of him when the music came on. I forget to shave my underarms for days and he still wants to kiss me. Time together is always nice. We have never argued. We’ve never put each other down. We’ve only ever been positive to each other.

Previously I hadn’t thought much on how we spend our time but now I plan to have more exciting times with him. Even if it is only small exciting. Like a movie night baking cookies and making popcorn on the stove [since he doesn’t own a microwave].

Can’t wait for the next night I spend with him.


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