Last Night (Kev 3)


Last night at Kevin’s was great. It was many levels of fun, enjoyably intimate, and expectedly comfortable. I was out of work at a reasonable time, just shy of a half hour past five. I showed up at the front door of the apartment building, unanticipatedly locked. I managed to type out a text right before my phone died and abruptly ended my conversation with Nicole. Unaware if my text went through I trekked my backpack and loose items the 50 feet back to my car. I hopped into the passengers side thinking my phone would power on quickly. What felt like 10 mins later my phone turned on and I called Kevin who was already waiting just inside the doorway. Eventually, I made my way into some of the cute comfy clothes I had packed. A nike long sleeve crop top and bright blue volleyball shorts. Kev and I each took turns searching on demand for a movie to watch. The search felt endless but I was determined to find a movie so I could compliment my first experience making jiffy pop [stove top popcorn]. We picked something random. I turned on the stove and Kevin told me to keep shaking the pan. An uninteresting children’s animation would soon fill the tv screen. I whimpered on the inside, not having a movie [I wanted] to watch when my popcorn would be done. I shook the pan for about 5 mins. Kevin watched me the whole time from his bed. Other than the tv light, the only light on was the one above the stove. His studio bedroom felt really cozy. My jiffy pop seemed like it could soon explode when it was close to done. I held it away from me and off the stove in odd worry, fearful but knowing it was designed to not explode. I felt adorably sexy in my skimpy shorts and my fun attitude. We ordered a pizza from Papa Gino’s while we shoved popcorn into our mouths. I couldn’t choose the right words and almost made our delivery a pickup order. The delivery guy called an hour later. Grabbing my phone Kevin made me question the unknown number and I shuffled with the phone and my response. Kevin would leave to get the pizza and leave again later to pick up milk. Like most evenings we’d spend this one mostly in bed, in and out of tv shows and movies, snacking, and messing around. We passed out sometime after 10 with Big Fish playing on the TV.


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