I started screen printing about two weeks ago. I’ve been interested in learning to screen print for some time, and with my friend’s bachelorette party coming up I pulled the trigger and bought a kit on Amazon for $40. The Jacquard Opaque Screen Printing Kit included a few inks, a squeegee, a 10×14 screen, and emulsion. I started my first preparation in my pitch dark basement. I was too over-protective of the emulsion and blindly coated my screen in the dark. I let the screen sit in the dark basement for about 5 hours and woke up around 5 am to burn my image onto the screen. I used one of the lights in the basement. This screen did not process and my frustration level increased. However, I didn’t let this deter me. I cleaned off the un-burned emulsion and a few days later would try again. I let the emulsion covered screen sit under my desk draws in the dark for a couple days and returned home on a Saturday evening just to test it out. This time I had a light clamp and a recommended bulb that I splurged an additional $18 for. After one hour under the light I rinsed out the emulsion. I had so much excitement to see this time it had worked. Early in the week I would test make a couple shirts at Kevin’s. The ink coated the shirts nicely. Unfortunately, the group would not show the excitement I had hoped for and I would go back to the drawing board for a new design. This time I involved my sister and her graphic design background to create something everyone would like. I prepped the screen and processed it this past Saturday on a spontaneous visit to my sister’s place. We tested my newly purchased gold ink ($10) and bought some affordable shirts from Primark to test out ($2 ea). The design came out great. It’s in the works for me to hopefully make the rest of the shirts this week and check it off the to-do list.


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