Holidays at Work

Every holiday that comes up I get inspired to do something [however small] at work. Bake some goodies, dress up, celebrate a little.

The company I work for is only about nine of us, on a good day, and everyone else is older than me and not as ecstatic about holidays.

For St Patty’s Day this year I bought cute green hats at the dollar store and baked green-colored mint chocolate cookies. I packaged them and put them in the hats. I left these little goodies on everyone’s desks. Everyone loved it.

Easter came next. It’s hard to find the time to do all that I want but I still try. Last year I bought condiment cups and twine and made mini easter baskets. So much time and effort to glue the twine to the cups. But the baskets came out lovely and I filled them with a mini lindt bunny and a few mini cadbury eggs. I pay for this stuff out of my own pocket, so I don’t go too crazy. Especially since I’m at the bottom of the totem pole salary wise (and respectively age wise). This year I made adorable flower cookies. I melted white chocolate on a square pretzel and arranged m&ms on top. I also bought fun Easter eggs and filled them with m&ms and mini cadbury eggs. The Easter eggs were shaped like bunnies, chicks, and carrots.

I plan on doing more Holiday things in the future, and hopefully can document.



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