Bachelorette Weekend


Recently I planned my second bachelorette ever, which took place this past weekend. The first one I planned was two years ago and didn’t go as well as I had liked. But that’s a story for another time.

My friend Emily got engaged at the start of this year and is getting married very soon. Nothing formal in the works yet. Hopefully they will celebrate with a destination wedding next year. A little over a month ago Emily started a chat with three of her ladies, myself included. The indecision and ideas started flowing. Nothing seemed to find coherence.  I decided to take the reigns and began planning a weekend in Atlantic City, NJ. I had been there before for a birthday party two years prior and loved the setting and the opportunities. I was set on the pricey Harrah’s Resort for our stay. The resort has nice rooms and an amazing pool dome. I also found a male revue show nearby for us to attend. I created the Facebook event for the four of us, including her seemed somewhat necessary. Then I added more ladies to the group after asking the bride to be. My sister became super involved and made decorations and booty veils. I bought a screen printing kit and Sarah also helped me with that. We ended up making two lovely tank tops for each lady – a pink and a black. I also made a couple whites and a black tank for the bride. The planning and accessorizing process was super stressful, especially when it came to money. Not everyone was on the same page with their spending allowance.  I was lost in cost spreadsheets and google all day everyday leading up to the weekend. For 8 women we ended with a price of 193.75 for the hotel and show.

The Friday of the bachelorette, three cars were bound for Atlantic City. 9:30 PM. Within an hour of each other we were all gathered in the hotel room. Between getting ready and drinking, the night began in full force. Hot straighteners near each mirror and makeup cases and brushes covering the bathroom counter. Kellie curled Em’s long blonde hair and Maura added curls to mine while waiting for Kellie to do hers. My sister shuffled between two outfits while Lauren tried on a couple of Sarah W.’s dresses. A sexy blue strapless and a tight black dress. We needed to leave a bit before midnight to use the free covers I signed up for for the pool after dark in the hotel. Before heading out I grabbed the veil I had purchased for Jess’ bachelorette, an adorable communion veil. Several girls took turns trying it on. The girls were not super easily rushed out but we arrived on time. At the front of the line we were pulled aside to enter a new line for VIP seating and a complimentary bottle of champagne! Great start to night number one. We’d spend this night taking photos at our seating booth, getting free drinks at someone else’s cabana, and looking for the other girls on the dance floor. After returning to our room for the night, Emily bolted to go gamble and I followed her, both without our phones.  Instead of actually gambling she watched other people gamble. I’d follow a new friend to sit with me for blackjack while Em watched Roulette. We ended the night shortly after.

Saturday morning peaked through the curtains, not fully closed. Some of us started to open our eyes around 9. Luckily, we had all managed to have comfortable spots. Me and Em in a bed, Lauren, Kellie and Sarah W. in another bed, Sarah S. and Marie on a queen air mattress and Maura on the couch. Girls started to get ready and we let the air out of the mattress. Swimsuits and booty veils were quickly put on. Marie couldn’t find her skirt bottoms but Lauren lent her normal bottoms, less coverage then she’d like but she went with it anyway. We were dismantled and couldn’t get fully ready. Kellie managed to escape and sent a Snapchat of a delicious drink by the pool. Sarah W., Lauren, and myself took this opportunity to go down as a small group and the rest could meet up. I got a happy hour Bloody Mary, and the others started with Mimosas. Booty veil and tank pics happened by the pool. Some of us partook in games. By 3 PM we made the smart decision to head back and prepare for the night. We needed to sit down for dinner and finish to meet our limo at 8 PM. Three of us headed down to potentially gamble beforehand but instead we bumped into a hotel host who showed us the restaurant section. A regular guest of the hotel joined us at the escalator to the fancy restaurants and mingled a while. The whole time he insinuated he may comp our dinner. We didn’t manage that. We all met at AC Burger Co. which we hoped could seat us fast enough. They did, and dinner was delicious and fast. I enjoyed a Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita that I would love to have again. We were ecstatic to find out we did in-fact have a limo ride to the male revue show. Beats bumping and Lauren twerking we arrived happily at Lace Night Club for the Savage Men Show. The venue was not successful at saving 8 VIP seats together and offered to upgrade us for $30 a person to a booth. We weren’t prepared to pay extra and declined. They sat us in a booth anyway! The show started with 5 hot seats. Hot seats would be part of every act. This worried us, but it was amazing. The men would involve girls in their sexy moves. Meanwhile, we had other performers all over our girls giving lap dances in the booth, the entire night. Our crowd favorite was Tyler. Some of the girls got more than one dance from him. We went to Bally’s (another casino) to get drinks and continue the night. We met up with Tyler who was there with a few of the other guys. Lauren and others made there way to the band-Burnt Sienna, the same band we had seen in Killington and in Boston recently. Sarah S. stole Emily for a bit to complete some of the cardboard dress challenges. Finally after a long day and night we took our final ride back to the hotel.

Sunday morning was quiet, Sarah W., Kellie, and Maura prepared to leave early and were out the door before 10 AM. Emily and I hit the blackjack table while the remaining three slept. $60 in the whole we returned to wake them and to clean so we could leave the hotel. Lauren had received Tyler’s Snapchat name from Maura and sent him a snap that morning. After a couple messages back and forth, she video chatted him and made a plan to meet up. Two brutal hours cleaning and packing in the hotel and we were off. We met up with Tyler and his frat friends at Bocca Coal Fired Bistro 20 mins away in Margate for happy hour. $5 Bloody Marys and Margaritas. Sarah and Marie stayed a short while before parting ways. Emily, Lauren and I partook in letting Tyler pull some moves on us at the restaurant bar. A bit risky for public but still a fun time. I kept pushing the clock back for when we had to leave. I let one of the guys, Kyle wear my Bride Tribe shirt, since I wasn’t wearing it myself. Two guys joined the group a little ways in, Stosh and Jeremy. Stosh reminded me of a guy I liked in college, but didn’t socialize much there. Lauren had taken Kyle’s shirt and let Jeremy put on her Bride Tribe shirt. We got our shirts back and agreed to join the guys back at Tyler’s for a little while. Stosh and Jeremy jumped in the backseat and rode over with us. It was low-key. We sat on the couch on a 2nd floor porch with a large blanket. A relaxing hour passed and we said our goodbyes to begin a 6 hour ride home. Not before we made plans to meet up with Stosh and Jeremy soon.

Successful weekend.


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